Best 5 free WordPress Security Plugins 2019

WordPress security plugins

WordPress security plugins – Hello friends, today I will tell you about the best 5 free WordPress security plugins if you are a blogger and using WordPress, then this article helpful for you to secure your WordPress blog.

WordPress security plugins

In other words, having a small website doesn’t guarantee that your site is safe from malicious attacks. Unless you take security measures to prevent attacks, you’re allowing the bad men to destroy your ratings and online business.

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The easiest method to keep your website secure by installing a Wp security plugin on your site.

Best 5 free WordPress Security Plugins 2019

In this article, we’ll compare the most famous Wp security plugins to help you find the best WordPress security plugins for your site.

1- StackPath
StackPath is known mainly as a CDN (content delivery network) that allows you to deliver your website from around the globe at lightning speeds. But StackPath also provides full security for your site, it’s actually the world’s first secure edge platform.

StackPath offers platform-wide DDoS protection. Their own advanced architecture identifies and redirects DDoS attacks into strategic sinkholes, all StackPath offerings have Layer 3 and 4 DDoS safety, and protection is geographically distributed.


2 – Jetpack Security
Jetpack is a popular all-in-one WordPress plugin for security, performance, and site management with over 5 million active sets up. This well-know plugin by Automattic also includes website design features as well as automated marketing tools.

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Focusing on security though, Jetpack monitors you Wp site and alerts you the moment it picks up that your site is down and guards your site against brute pressure login attacks, spam, and harmful malware injections.


3 – Wordfence
Wordfence is one of the very most comprehensive Wp security plugins available. The free lite version of the plugin comes in the official WordPress plugins database. The free plugin includes important features like web application firewall, malware scanning device, and protection from incredible attacks. With 2+ mil active installs, it’s the most popular security WordPress plugin for WordPress.


4 – iThemes Security
iThemes Protection, formerly known as Much better WP Security, gives you multiple ways to obtain your WordPress website.

It safeguards your website from incredible force attacks by restricting the number of unsuccessful login attempts. You can get email alerts to be notified of any recent file updates so you know whether your site has been hacked.

 ithemes scurity

5- Sucuri

Sucuri is a complete website security solution and one of the better Wp plugins. It protects your site from malware, incredible force attacks, and other potential vulnerabilities.

Once you activate Sucuri, your entire website traffic goes through their CloudProxy servers and every request is scanned to filter malicious requests. Due to the fact of this, Sucuri can reduce server load and improve your site’s performance by not allowing harmful visitors to reach your machine.


Hopefully, this article helped you find the best WordPress security plugins for your site.

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Feel free to comment and let me know about best WordPress security plugins that you think I missed in this post.

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