Which is the best blogging platform 2019 ?

Best Blogging platform

Which is the best blogging platform 2019 – As a blogger everyone want to expose yourself. It is the best way to express your hobbies in personal and professional way. Blogging is a illustrious way to connect the real world in form of digital way.

Best Blogging platform

As a blogger, first you have to decide what kind of blog do you want. It’s a tough choice since there are several different blogging platforms in the digital market. These popular blogging platforms all have positives and negatives effects. Here we will discuss about some platforms that you can easily make a ranking by creating a blog.

At the same time, we will know which blogging platform you should start blogging if you are very fresh in this blogging field.

Which is the best blogging platform 2019

Blogger – If you visit a website like xyz.blogspot.com on google search , then you easily understand that it has been created on Blogger.
Blogger is a free blogging platform which is provided by Google where you can start any blog without any payment.
There is a rumor on the Internet, if any websites made on Blogger that aren’t rank. This is thoroughly wrong, even today, you can rank Blogge’s blog with good content and SEO.
Here you have to spend money other than domains like hosting.

WordPressMost blogger choice wordpress because it is free platform. However, for this you need a hosting for which you may have to spend some money. Also, you have to spend some money on the domain.
Wordpress gives many features to create your blog more attractive.
It is very easy to make on page SEO with plugins like Yoast SEO.

TumblrThis is a little different from the rest of the blogging platforms.
It is also very easy to use and you can setup your own blog. It is 100% free and there is no need to pay any charge.
Against the rest of the platforms, you get fewer tools and features that make it difficult to personalize your blog.
The second problem is that taking backup of your content is like taking a lot of fatigue. That is quite difficult for a blogger.

JoomlaJoomla is an open source content management system that lets you create your own blog and publish it-niche websites.
This proves to be more helpful for them than for a long time in the field of development, and for those who have just begun.
You get 1000 pre-made templates here, with the help of both your time and hard work.

GhostIt may not be able to make every kind of website but with the help of this you can focus on blog writing.
It works on javascript, so you can guess its speed.
User-interface is quite simple and you do not get much options for customization. Although it is very easy to use and you do not need any kind of experience.

WeeblyHere you can do blog or website design with the help of drag and drop technology.
It is very easy to setup and Weebly hosts your blog for you. This means that you do not need to spend money on hosting.
If you want to shift your website from Weebly to another platform in the future, then it can be very difficult for you.
Weebly’s free plan so you can start your first blog or website from this platform.

MediumYou do not need to get some kind of coding skills to use Medium.
There are also its own communities where you can find people similar to your interest and share their thoughts and ideas with them. Here your focus is concentrated more on designing on writing.
If you are thinking of making a brand then Medium is not a good option for this. Because there is limited features and tools.

SquareSpace – SquareSpace also helps you to create a website with the help of drag and drop technology.
It has been specially designed for those who want to show online presence in the low budget that is Internet.
It is very easy to use even for those who do not have much knowledge about technology. In this you get a lot of pre-designed templates too. It also gives you separate SSL access.
Its personal plan allows you to create just 20 pages and a blog on one site.
This means that by using it the user binds somewhere in the limit. The most important thing is that this is not a free platform, and its cheapest plan, i.e., a personal plan starts from $ 16 / month.


Many of you knew only Blogger and WordPress as a only blogging platforms. Today, we give information about some more platforms and explained to you which blogging platform is better for a new blogger.

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