Top On Page SEO Tips 2021 to rank on Google

On Page SEO Tips

Top On Page SEO Tips 2021 to rank on Google – Do you want you to be able to explain to the search engines better which keyword you have to rank for?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then this article is for you and in this article we will discuss about making our blog post keyword targeted.

Whenever it comes to optimizing any website or blog, there are two things under it:

1 – On-page optimization
2 – Off-page optimization

In today’s article we will talk about on-page SEO optimization, and I will share with you many useful on-page SEO techniques that you should implement to optimize your blog posts.

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Search Engines are nothing but just a set of algorithms. They find different factors in your page so that they can rank your articles for some keywords. Now we have to help the search engine identify what is in your blog post and your blog post should show the search engine for which keyword.

So whenever we do SEO optimization of any post, we follow some proven methods used to rank higher in the search engine.

Now whenever Google ranks an article in the search engine, it does not just look at the on-page SEO score. Apart from this, ranking the posts keeping in mind many more factors.

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Our aim of on-page SEO is to optimize SEO in a natural but smart way so that search engines can easily pick out the target keyword and send it to the people targeted on your website.

So now we see the Top On-Page SEO Tips Factors.

1 – Heading Tags

2 – Blog Post Title

3 – Keyword Density

4 – Meta Tags

5 – Images alt tag

6 – External and Internal Linking

7 – Permalink Structure

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