Top 5 Best Digital marketing tools for your blog


Top 5 Best digital marketing tools – hello, friends today I will teach you about top 5 best digital marketing tools, if you are a blogger, or have a website then we should know about the best tool to analysis your blog or website. Because you can’t analysis website or blog without tools, so I will give you a top 5 best digital marketing tools to easy to analysis to any blog/website

Top 5 Best Digital marketing tools

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Top 5 Best Digital marketing tools

1 — Keyword Anywhere Extension

Firstly install or add on keyword anywhere extension on our google chrome browser. To the help of keyword anywhere You find and keyword research tool easily for your blog or website. Also, find the best keyword for your articles.

Keyword anywhere

2 —

canva is an online tool where we can professionally design creative for our website or articles. Also, we can get free defined hundreds of professionally designed layouts to create own designs.


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3 — SimilarWeb

If you are a blogger and working as a digital marketing professional, SimilarWeb can provide you to the analysis of your website competitive in an easy way. Also, you can check that your competitor what are doing. It is a good tool for website analysis.


4 — BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an online tool where you can find which content famous by your niche or topic of the blog website



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5 — Hootsuite

everyone digital marketer knows about Hootsuite it is a social media management tool where we can schedule and post updates multiple social media platform to a single dashboard.


I hope that you will remember a Top 5 Best digital marketing tools and use to grow your business and analysis you to your competitor easy. If any suggestion about this topic please comment and follow me on the social network site.


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