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Seo friendly content

How to write Seo friendly content for blog – Today’s time you hear the term “SEO friendly” or “SEO friendly website/blog” but what do you really know about this mean?  If you are a blogger so it will help to grow your blog.

Seo friendly content

In this post, we will discuss these terms and will tell you about how to write SEO friendly content for your blog. As a blogger, everyone wants to run its blog on google with a higher rank. For this, you have to use the keywords in the title of the web page or blog and use them at various places on your post. One most thing, you just have to figure out which words for your audience actually searches So Let’s start.

How to write Seo friendly content for blog

Unique and authentic  Content

  • If you are going to start your blog. You have to proper research regarding your content. It doesn’t mean that you write anything, it should be some propose and something original.
  • If the idea is same then you can copy from other sites or blog but don’t put the similar word.
  • If you will copy from another site then google automatically filter copied content and it will directly effect on your blog to avoid this thing and write unique content.

Do your research properly before writing the title

  • For any kind of blog “Blog’s Title” is a very important thing. Well, the structured title will help for these:
  1. Search engines totally depend on the page title
  2. The title should be user-friendly and catchy
  3. Don’t play the game like clickbait because one time you can attract the user if you will not provide exact content like your blog’s title. After that user will never visit on your blog.
  4. Before writing any title,  find it on different-different browsers like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Focus on your intro

  • In the blog’s introduction (intro) don’t forget to mention your SEO keywords because this is the fastest possible way.
  • In the first 2 lines of your intro try to write your focus keywords.

Pay attention the body of the page

  • If you write any kind of blog you have to pay attention to the title and description of your blog page.
  • Apart from this, naturally add keyword on your blog.

Internal linking strategy

  • Blog and website are just like a pyramid where everything is connected to each other.
  • For more engagement, You have to put your previous article link on the present article because it navigates the user.

Beautify your content

  • It is important when preparing your blog to give some attention to detail and make it easier for the reader to scan through the text to find what exactly they want.
  • Once google’s CEO said if your beautify your content it will not directly impact on your blog but after some time it will directly impact on blog and help in google rank.

    Feature Image

    • There is no doubt some people research very will but their engagement is not like as they want.
    • For more engagement, feature image should be attractive and related to the article because the image is the also part of blog writing.

    Author’s Introduction

    • For the blog’s authenticity, you have to post details about the author. You can also make a small box below the article.
    • Especially health, financial, Carrier and any sensitive content, it becomes necessary to mention the author’s intro.

    Read again and again

    • Before publishing an article you have to read carefully.
    • Your blog should be grammar error’s free, non-meaning full sentence and spelling mistakes because this thing matters a lot as a reader point of view.

    Better competition

    • In the digital market, there are lots of websites already so it’s difficult to manage your rank in google search.
    • When you are going to live your blog, search your title on Google and check very carefully top to websites links.

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