How do you make money with Google AdMob?

Make money with Google AdMob

Make money with Google AdMob – In the internet world, there are many options to earn with your websites or apps. Apart from google absence, Google AdMob is one the option. You have the same question in the minds of people that what is Google AdMob and how it differs from Google AdSense. In this post, you will know about how to get verified and how to use AdMob. If you have knowledge of Google AdSense, then AdMob is very easy to understand.

Make money with Google AdMob

make money with Google AdMob

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What is Google AdMob?

  • If Google has given users the AdSense tool to monetize the website, then whether or not they have given a tool or platform to monetize their Android application.
  • Google AdMob is the platform that lets you monetize your application.
  • If you talk about facts, Google AdMob is using developers above 1 million. Whenever you download an app from the play store, you may have noticed that many apps make money by showing ads.

How is AdMob used?

  • If you have used Google AdSense before, you can assume that Google AdMob also works almost the same way.
  • Advertisers pay Google to promote their app or website, and some part of those pesos gives Google to their publishers to promote those apps.

Who is the Publisher

  • The publisher who is developers like you who pick up ad units with the help of AdMob’s platform and take money from Google to promote it on their app.
  • For this, we have developed a self-developed app that can show ads.

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Who are the advertisers

  • Advertisers are those people who want us to like publishers to promote their app. There is a common platform for doing this, which we know as Google AdWords.
  • Advertisers make campaigns by paying Google and Google promotes those campaigns by running them on our apps.

Requirements for AdMob

  • Before you use Google AdMob, it is important for you to know what the minimum requirements are for using it.
  • You must have an application developed or made yourself.
  • Your application should be published in any play store or app store so that more and more people can download it.
  • Your app has nothing to do with how many people downloaded it.
  • It does not need to be approved as Google AdSense.

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How do you make money with Google AdMob?

  • If you are thinking of making money with the help of AdMob, then first you have to develop an app that people like to keep in their mobile for a long time.
  • The more people download your app, the more earning you will be.
  • If you are thinking of earning money by clicking on ads on your app, then tell you that it is against AdMob’s policy and by doing so, your AdMob account may also be banned.
  • It is not that people will start earning if you just install and install your app. Earning will happen only when users use your application regularly.
  1. Do not fill your mobile application with more ads
  2. Doing this will irritate the user and may even annoy your app in anger. By applying more ads, the CPC that you get is also reduced. Google feels that incoming users are accidentally getting the user.
  3. Do not use another ad network with an ad network
  4. Doing this will affect your earnings and you may lose your considerable earnings. By doing so, CPCs and RPMs also get reduced and by placing your boat on two feet at once, your earnings may sink.

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In short, if you try to understand, AdMob is a platform that lets people monetize their app. Available on the Play Store More than 50% of apps use this platform to monetize your app. If compared with Google AdSense, it works to monetize this application and it is helpful to monetize the AdSense website.

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