How to setup facebook ads to get more traffic

How to setup facebook ads to get more traffic

How to setup facebook ads to get more traffic – Hello friends, today we will talk about how to setup facebook ads to get more traffic. As we know that today everyone wants to expand their business. And with increasing competition in every field, this work is increasing day by day. So in such a situation how will you increase your business? So today we will tell you about it. Today we will tell you how you can grow your business through the medium of facebook. And you can establish your business as a brand. So that more and more people have access to your business and people know more about your business. This gives you a boom in business that you cannot even imagine.

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How to setup facebook ads to get more traffic

How to setup facebook ads to get more traffic

What Is Facebook Ads and How it Helps to Get Traffic

The way you promote your brand, product, website, application, etc. with the help of Google AdWords. In the same way, you can promote your brand with the help of Facebook Ads. With this, you can promote your website, your application, any of your products, any of your brands, or yourself. If you run Facebook, then you must have heard about Facebook Ads. But it will never be used. In this article, we will tell you how to setup facebook ads to get more traffic. So without taking much time, let’s talk about Facebook ads setup.

What is Facebook ad Campaign

To get traffic from Facebook ads, you have to run a Facebook ads campaign on it. Now you must be thinking what is this Facebook Ads Campaign. So consider it as such, suppose you have to promote one of your websites. Then you will take help of facebook ads. In it you will select in which country you want to show your ads, in which state, in which city, to show how many days you have to run that ads on facebook. So doing all these is called Facebook Ad Campaign.

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How to Setup Facebook ads to get Traffic

1. First you login to your Facebook account and go to the menu and click on Manage Ads. Now if you have clicked on this option for the first time, it will ask you to create a Facebook Ads account.

Ad creation menu

2. Now you will get an option of Facebook Ads Creation in it. In which you will have many types of Ad Campaign Types in front of you. You have to choose any of these ad campaign types according to you. Which different types will help you in different types of promotions.

Choose ad campaign

3. Now choose Ad Campaign, if you just want to make your brand name popular, then you can choose Brand Awareness, if you want traffic on your website, then you can choose Traffic, if you want to conduct Conversions, then you You can choose the option of Conversions or Catalog Sales. In this way, many other considerations are given, out of which you can choose, totally depends on what your requirement is.

facebook ads

Select marketing objectives

4. Now in this you have to select Marketing Objective. Here you have to tell what you are promoting your brand, or website, such as Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversions etc.

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Create an ad set

5. Now we have to create Ad Set. In which we have to set how much its limits should be, which audience we have to show it, our budget. e.t.c. In this, first give your Ad a name, and after this you have to choose the audience, which is decided through the location. You can choose it according to your need. If you have to show your ads in the whole country, or in any one state, or in one city.

facebook adsSimilarly, you have to tell interest, that your ads reach only those people who are interested in it.

Select Location for ads

6. After this, you also have to tell facebook ad where your facebook ad should be shown. For example, if you want your post to be promoted only on Facebook, then you can select Facebook in it. Or if you want your post to be shown on Instagram, then you can select Instagram in it. You can also promote yourself on these two together.


Set Budget for facebook ads

7. Now you have to set your budget. How much budget you want to run it. Keep in mind that you cannot set a budget of less than 40 rupees in Indian rupees. Your minimum budget should be 40 ₹.

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ads budget

Select ads limit

8. Now you also have to select the limit of your Ad Campaign. For how many days you want to run it.

Create ads now

9. Now you have to create your Ad. For this, if you want, you can take a new post as ad, or you can include one of your posts in ad campaign. With this, you will also have to add one of your Facebook pages for your ad. Because facebook shows your ads through the same page.

Choose ad format

10. Now you have to choose one format for your Ad. Which you can choose according to yourself. After this your ad campaign will be completed.

After doing all this your post will go for review. And after being approved, your post will be published. On which traffic will also start coming.

Final Words –

So friends, in this post I told you how to setup facebook ads to get more traffic. How can you bring traffic through facebook ads. So we hope you liked this post. If you liked this post, like it, share it. And to read such interesting news, you can subscribe to our newsletter.

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