How to get approved Google Adsense account

How to get approved Google Adsense account

How to get approved Google Adsense account

As a Blogger or YouTuber, you can understand the value of an AdSense account very well. More than 50% of bloggers monetize their blogs with the help of Google AdSense. There can be many reasons for this, one of valuable factor is ‘Trust’. This is a fairly reliable platform that delivers itself to Google’s creators who are governing the Internet. If you want to earn from blogging then you will need an AdSense account. Although, in these days approval of the AdSense account has become very tricky.

How to get approved Google Adsense account

If you have noticed, you will see that there are some such websites in the present day that content is very good but AdSense still can’t be verified. This can also be due to Google AdSense’s strict policies.

How to get approved Adsense account

Here we will discuss how can you get a Google AdSense


  • Try to the content written on the website is long where you can write a post of 800-1200 words.
  • After that, if you divide your website into 5 categories, then there should be at least 3 posts in each category.
  • If any category is empty, then do not apply for AdSense.
  • Before submitting for Approval, note that images are also used in the middle of the content.

Ads Friendly Theme/Template

  • Very few people know that your AdSense account will either be approved or not, it also depends on the theme.
  • If your theme is not ad friendly then there are fewer chances of having your AdSense account approved.
  • Try to select themes that have a place for ads placement, whether it is in the sidebar or in the header or in the footer.

Google Indexing

  • If you have created a blog and have posted such amount of articles after that if your AdSense account is not being approved then it might change that you have forgotten to do Google indexing.
  • To do this, you have to get the help of Google webmaster. You will need a Gmail Id to use Webmasters.
  • After logging/signup in Google webmaster, open Google Search Console and go there by submitting your property to the website URL.


  • Although the traffic is low, the AdSense account is approved.
  • If you want to see high CPC ads on your AdSense, it would be better for you to first increase traffic to your website then apply for AdSense.
  • If you follow the above steps, then your AdSense will be easily approved. If you still have any problems then you can clear your doubts in the comments section.

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