how to fix 404 not found error in WordPress

how to fix 404 not found error in WordPress

how to fix 404 not found error in WordPress – The WordPress Error 404 is the most common bug you see many times. When you move or delete any page of your website and the visitor clicks on that URL, they have to face 404 Not Found Error. 404 error page vastly influences your site user experience. This has a very bad effect on SEO due to which we lose traffic and Ranking is also down. So you should know about how to fix this page with the help of Google Console, With the help of Webmaster Tools should fix 404 Not Found error as soon as possible.

how to fix 404 not found error in WordPress

how to fix 404 not found error in WordPress

In this article, we’re going to walk you through three ways you can solve the WordPress 404 error.

What is Not Found 404 Error Page?

  • Not Found Page means the word is detected by means of not found like you wrote a post, now you have deleted it, but the post-Google has indexed it.
  • And it also comes in Search Result, so even after Post Delete, Google shows it in Search Result. Whenever a visitor opens it, then get the error of 404 Page Not Found.
  • This problem can also be caused by Plugin and Theme which is common, so you don’t need to worry about it. 
  • In this article, we’re going to walk you through three ways you can tackle the WordPress 404 error.

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  1. Redirect Plugin
  2. Yoast Seo 
  3. Webmaster Tool

Redirect Plugin

  • To fix a 404 error page in your WordPress site, first, you need to install and activate the Redirection plugin in your site.
  • After activating the plugin, click on Tools then click on Redirection to set up Redirects and follow the screenshot below. 

How to fix 404 Not found error in wordpress

  • Here you can add your old URL to the Source URL field which is showing the URL 404 error not found and add the new URL to the Target URL field where the user wants to redirect.
  • After adding your URL, click on “Add redirect” Now go to your website to check it.
  • Now whenever a visitor clicks on the Broken URL that is 404 not found, it will automatically redirect them to the new URL.
  • Another good thing to redirection plugin is that you can easily track 404 Error pages by this.

How to fix 404 Not found error in wordpress

  • Click the 404s link located at the top. This plugin will start appearing on your site with 404 Error Pages. You can now redirect the page with these 404 Not Found Error to another URL. This plugin also allows you to redirection your modified posts. If you modify or edit your post’s URL, then this plugin will set up an automatic redirect.

Yoast Seo

  • If your plugin is not connected to Webmaster Tools, you have to click on Settings here and click on Get Google Authorization Code.
  • After this, you have to login your Gmail id that you have connected to the website, after logging in, you will get a code by copying that code.
  • You have to pass it in the box, after that you have to click on Authenticate and after that, your Yoast Seo will connect to Webmaster Tools and you can fix the same error.
  • For this, first, click on the Yoast Seo section and click on Search Console. Now you can mark and fix all those who have not found Error Show here.

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Webmaster Tool

  • For 404 Not Found Error To fix, first you need to go to the Google Webmaster Tool but you have to click on the cover. 

Webmaster Tool

  • After this, you will see something different below that you have to click on it. Now here you have to click on Validation. After that processing will complete your error will be fixed.

Webmaster Tool

  • This way you can fix the error here, let me tell you 3 ways that your error will be completely corrected

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