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How to delete Google plus account

How to delete Google plus account – google goes to close up its best social media network Google. Indeed, the decision to close Google + has been taken because of a bug that led to the fear of a dent in the data of nearly five lakh users. it is being told that this bug was a gift within the system for 2 years and came thanks to external developers.

How to delete Google plus account

According to an analysis by Google’s Project, the reason behind closing Google plus is that Google has not been ready to with success enhance its product. There were reports of leakage of personal information, including names and email addresses of users. Given these cases, Google has decided to close Google+.

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explains Google spokesperson mainly due to the closure of Google + ‘, saying that the management makes Google + was a challenge but that was prepared in accordance with expected clients it was of little use. According to Google, Google + may take time off just over 10 months. It is such if you want to delete, reduce your Google+ account, you’ll need to follow a few steps.

How to delete Google plus account

1 – you will go on your Google+ profile to delete Google+ account.

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2 – Click on the option settings after you enter the profile.

 delete Google plus account

3 – Go to the bottom after changing the settings page, click on the option to account section. Then click on Delete your Google+ profile.

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4 – Delete Your click on Google+, Google will give you some information. Visit details in every category. It was only after further Prosed (Proceed).

5 – This will give you a confirmation to delete the Google+ profile since. However, confirmation provided will not be deleted in the event of link your Gmail account. Your general account remains active. Save Google + your photos, information will not delete contacts.

 delete Google plus account

6 – What you’ll need to click the box abreast of Required in. Click here Delete. Your account will be deleted.

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7 – The Confirmation upon account deletion will appear on the screen.

delete Google plus account

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