What is google form? how to create google form complete information

google form

What is Google Form? Google Form is a service of Google that is used to create online forms. This form is used to collect user information. There are many questions in it, and they have options too, this is Google’s free service, it is located inside Google Drive. Google drive is also a free service of Google which is used to store the file online. Simply put, Google drive is a free cloud-based storage service that is used to store any file online.

google form

Google form is used for 

  • Online surveys,
  • Contact Forms,
  • Data Collection.Etc.

For example, if you want to get some data or information from your users, then you have to create a Google Form for this, through which you can easily get the information of that user. You can also share this form on social media, blogs, or any website and collect data.

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With the help of Google Forms, you can create the following types of online forms –

  • Online survey form
  • Online quiz form
  • Online review form
  • Party invitation form
  • Contact form
  • Biodata Form
  • Online job form
  • File upload form
  • Features of google form

Like other Google services, you can customize Google Forms according to your own, it has different themes, so that you can draw your form, there is also a data validation tool. With this, you can set the type of data you want to collect.

How To Create Google Form

To create a Google Form, you need to have a Gmail ID because the Google Form is connected to your Google Drive.

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First, you have to open your Google Drive. After opening Google drive, you will have to log in to your Google Drive through Gmail Username and Password. If you are already login, then you do not need to log in again.

In Google Drive, you will see a new option on the left side on which you have to click. As soon as you click on New, a menu will open in which click on the More option at the bottom. Now you will see a sidebar menu in which you will see Google Forms, an arrow icon will show in front of Google Forms, after clicking on that arrow there will be two options show. Blank form and From a Templates. If you want to select an already designed form, select From a Template option and if you want to design the form according to yourself, select the Blank form.

google form

As soon as you click on the Blank form, an interface will open in front of you. In which there will be many option shows.

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google form

  • Form Description:- In this, you have to give a description of the form that you want to create the form, if you are creating a contact form, then write “Contact form” and if you are creating a form for “Online Surveys”, then write “Online Surveys”.
  • Untitled Questions:- In this, you can write your question. For example, if you want to know the name of the user in the first form, then write the name.
  • Multiple Choice:- In this, select the name field. If you want to create a field for Name, then select Paragraph, if you want to create a field for Date of birth, select Date and if you want to upload a file, select the option of File Upload, similarly for the field you want to upload. Select the field you want to make the option.
  • Add question Plus Icon:- You can add a new question through this option, so to create a new question, you have to click on the icon of the plus {+}.
  • Add Title and description T icon:- This option also works like the Plus icon, but you can create an optional field in it. You must have seen in many forms that the optional field is available which is filled or not filled up on the user’s mind. If you also want to create an optional field in your form, then you have to click on the icon of T.
  • Add Image icon:- When you click on this icon, a popup box will open in which you will be asked to upload the image. This option is not used in such form, but if you want to show an image in your form, you can upload the image.
  • Add Video icon:- Through this icon, you can upload the video in your form so that the user can fill the form by watching the video.
  • Add Section icon:- If you want to divide your form into different sections, then you can use the section option. In the online form, you must have seen that the data is taken from the user in two to three sections in the form.
  • Required:- This option is used whenever you want to make a field required or mandatory like you must have seen in many forms, it is necessary to fill the information like Name, Email, Mobile Number, Date of birth, etc. In the same way, you can add the required option to your form.
  • Delete Icon:- If you want to delete any field, you can use the Delete option.
  • Duplicate Icon:- This option is used to copy a question.

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In this way, you can create your online form, if you select the Template option, then you get a form already designed in it, but you cannot change anything in it. To share, you have to click on the Send button and from there you will have to select the option through which you want to send your form.


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