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What is a content marketing strategy in 2019



content marketing strategy

What is a content marketing strategy 2019 – Hey everyone, today I’m gonna share with you what does content marketing strategy look like in 2019? Before we get started if you want more content marketing tips, more marketing tips in general, whether its essay, that way as I release more content youll get notified about it. Now I have a question for you.

content marketing strategy

What is a content marketing strategy 2019

social media content marketing – How many of you guys push out content, and get very little traffic to it? If you are not getting results.If you are getting a ton of results. nowadays Google is not just picking from, what content do we wanna rank, cause we lack content.

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we have content on everything under the sun, and the same thing a hundred other times. So now they are just not picking, what content do we wanna rank? They’re looking at authority, user metrics, they are even looking at when was the content created. Why would they wanna rank a content that’s two years old, when they can rank something that’s less than one week old. So when it comes to content marketing in 2019, you need to make sure that your content also being up to date.

If you don’t update your old content, you are not going to get as much love as people whore continually pushing out new fresh content. The second tip I have for you do not regurgitate the same information over and over again. People are tired of reading SEO tips that all double your traffic. You can google it, there’s probably different variations of that number, but there are probably hundreds of articles on that subject. Write something new, fresh, that hasn’t been seen before,you’re more likely to get traffic, rankings, and even social shares.

There’s too much content on the web. It does not matter how good of a content piece you write, it’s not gonna be seen unless you promote it. So spend more time promoting than writing. Use the 80 20 rule.20% time writing, 80% promoting. And a few ways I would promote it is one, email all the people who link to your competitor content and ask them for a link. So you can use tools like Buzzsumo, type in a query related to your space, see all the other popular articles within your space. Then you hit up all those people that link to it, and be like, noticed you linked to article A, B, and C from author 1, 2 and 3.I have a similar article that just came out, but my covers this, that and the other that the original one did not. If you like it feel free to link to mine,  Then you also need to get social shares. Getting backlinks isn’t enough. instagram, Twitter, Facebook, these social sites drive a lot of traffic for your blogs.

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digital content marketing – Similar to how you went into Buzzsumo, and you researched all the other competing articles on the web. You then wanna go to Buzzsumo, go back to those articles, click on the view shares button, and show you every single person who shared those articles. This simple way to get more social media traffic. And in content marketing in 2019 if you don’t leverage these tactics you are not gonna do well. A lot of people have the old mentality of, hey I’m just gonna keep creating new and new content, and just crank out 10 posts a day. Well if you do that you are probably gonna regurgitate,you are not gonna get rankings.

seo content marketing – Google already has more authoritative sites to choose from. You can not just do the old stuff that worked in 2018 and 2017. You gotta leverage these tactics, even this stuff I described. I know a lot of you are like, I don’t wanna. its too much work. You know what? With SEO I get over a hundred thousand visitors a month just from content marketing SEO. and I started ranking for the term SEO So thank you for visiting my blog ds4tech and enjoyed this content post sure you like.

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What is a content marketing strategy in 2019 – I have told you through this post and hope that you would have liked the post, I also hope that you will read all our posts too, so if you like all our posts then you comment us So that we can do more Improvement in our Writing Skill.

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I am a digital marketing Experts, blogger, web developer, web analyst, seo, smo, and i am share my experience to help other Blogger to come my blog and learn blogging tips and tricks.

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Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging in 2020



Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome Extensions – Right here we share the most effective Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2020. Here’s a listing of Chrome extensions that it’s best to check out if you’re a Blogger or entrepreneurs. These extensions checklist I personally utilized in my Chrome Browser. These chrome extensions are additionally really helpful by many professional bloggers.

Here are my Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging in 2020

1 Free Email Hunter – Email Extractor is a time confirmed email grabber device which helps assortment emails. Totally free, no advertisements, no gimmicks. Email Hunter simply extracts email addresses from pages as you go to them and autosaves all of them. Email Extractor device that saves time and effort. Forget copy and paste ache. It collects emails as you browse web sites.

2 SEOQuake – SEOquake is a free plugin for browsers that gives you key search engine optimization metrics for a particular web page, together with different helpful instruments similar to search engine optimization Audit. SEOquake can present parameters for listings inside search engine outcomes.

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3 SimilarWeb – SimilarWeb is a well-liked and finest chrome extensions for bloggers, entrepreneurs. It’s an important device by which you’ll be able to see any web site site visitors.

4 Save to Pocket – Pocket’s Chrome extension is the best, quickest method to seize articles, movies, and the rest you discover on the internet. Pocket turns into a private, quiet nook of the web the place you may spend high-quality time with the tales that issue to you.

5 Awesome Screenshot – Awesome Screenshot is the highest-rated display screen seize & picture annotation device on Chrome with over 2 million customers! As a manner of thanking our personal base, we do not supply in-app purchases. Previously premium options are actually fully free.

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So friends, in this post we told you, Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions for Blogging in 2020. So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and subscribe to our newsletter. With this, if you have any questions in your mind, which you want to ask us, then you can ask by commenting below. Thank you.

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How to Write a blog post for Beginners?



How to Write a blog post for Beginners

How to Write a blog post for Beginners – today I’m gonna share with you how to write a blog post from start to finish. we’re gonna lease more marketing tips like this you’ll get notified now I have a question for you how many of you have written a blog post before if you have leave a comment with yes if you haven’t leave a comment with no because you know what whether you have written a blog post before you haven’t and I’m still curious and how many of you written one I’m gonna share with you the perfect formula that I follow for my own blog it works for a b2c b2b a personal blog or a corporate blog it works for everything .

How to Write a blog post for Beginners

How to Write a blog post for Beginners

it is the best formula out there first tip start off with a title don’t just start writing a blog post unless you have the exact title do not write your blog post eight out of ten people will read your headline but only two out of ten will click through and read the rest of your article doesn’t matter how amazing what blog posts you write if you don’t write a good headline no one’s gonna read the rest of your posts all comes on to your headline or title or whatever you want to call it.

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 If you need some creativity go to the grocery store and check out a magazine when you go to a grocery store when you’re checking out you see all these magazines they have amazing titles with how to list base articles like lose weight in 30 days how to shed five pounds fast it doesn’t matter what kind of magazine there are whether it’s a business magazine or whether it’s a fitness magazine or gossip magazine.

how to write a blog post

they all use catchy titles and that’s what you need to do with your blog post and look for magazines for inspiration Is tick with the basics I use how to a law I use list based posts those two things have worked wonders for me and they haven’t got old so start with the title and you don’t have to just create one variation of it you can create two or three variations. I ask people hey what do you like lost a few friends then I pick the best one.

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that’s what I go with the second step that you need a follower when it comes to writing your blog post is it introduction and your introduction you need to hook people with the bold statement for example I hooked you by saying hey do you want the formula that breaks on how I get at least thirty seven thousand visitors per blog post by hooking people and they’re gonna read the rest and with your introduction it’s not just talking hooking people in it’s also about talking about what’s gonna be covered in the post just give them a quick over view.

how to write a blog for beginners

you’re gonna teach them is a great way to hook them in as well to get them to go more into your blog post read more and ideally even leave a comment at the end of your post now that we got the introduction done let’s get into your body your body should include sub headings keep in mind you want your content easy to skim if people can’t skim it you’re not gonna do well in your body use subheadings and keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max in addition to that when you’re writing your content your body.

Your business look more as an expert and that’s what you want to be perceived at when you’re writing content last but not least you want to wrap up your post with a conclusion the conclusion summarizes what your post was about and you end your conclusion with the question but ending with the question more people are likely to leave a comment.

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how to get traffic to your blog

when they leave a comment and engagement by getting engagement you’re much more likely to generate sales if people read your blog but they don’t engage with you they’re not likely than to become a lead or buy your products or your services so it’s really important you end with the question.

we found with conclusions we’re using crazy egg we use a scroll map feature and what we found through testing was a lot of people would read blog posts when they first land on them they quickly scroll to the bottom check out the conclusion and then they go back up and read the rest assuming they like the conclusion so with your conclusion make sure.

content marketing strategy 2020

you label it conclusion don’t get fancy keep it simple just call it a good conclusion and that’s my formula to writing blog post it’s not that hard now one thing I did mention within this whole process of writing blog posts that you need a link out to other sites.


So friends, in this post we told you, How to Write a blog post for Beginners. With this, we told what is blog post, and How to do email marketing. So we hope that this post will be helpful for you. If you liked this post, like it, share it, and subscribe to our newsletter. With this, if you have any questions in your mind, which you want to ask us, then you can ask by commenting below. Thank you.

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Content Marketing

Top 5 secrets content marketing strategy to increase organic traffic



Top 5 secrets content marketing strategy

Top 5 Secrets Content Marketing strategy – Since the digital market has increased in recent times, the content market has also accelerated. Those day has been gone where content marketing means to write a content for blog, web page and social media. But at this time it becomes the part of the branding of any product and person also.

Top 5 secrets content marketing strategy

It will be not possible without any strategy where your every Content marketing strategy is valuable and post it smartly. As content marketing plays a vital role in digital marketing where you can content with more and more users. Here, we will discuss the content marketing strategy and share the different ways so you can get started on your own.

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Top 5 Secrets Content Marketing strategy

Targeted Audience 

  • If you are selling your brand then you have to know about who is our audience similarly in content marketing you have to know about our audience. 
  • Without knowing our audience, you’ll be having a hard time seeing good results from your campaigns.
  • To understand the behavior of your audience which kind of content they like most. Accordingly, you can switch your content and rewrite the content for your audience.  
  • Also, you can place the chat room and feedback section so you can directly connect with the audience and know what they want. This could help you improve the way you create your content assets.

Exclusive content 

  • As a human psychologically, he/she want to some special kind of treatment that comes in the form of exclusive content. 
  • Exclusive content should be out the box, well written and relevant so you can easily contact with the audience within less time period.
  • Exclusive content can be research, infographics, images, how-to guides or videos and so on that will create your market. The essential feature is that this kind of content cannot be published anywhere else.

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Social media tools

  • Once you know your audience and you have an exclusive kind of content then you have to choose the right social media channel of your content.
  • For example, teenagers and adult are using Instagram and snapchat. Apart from this, the older generation widely uses facebook. One of the research is showing that Pinterest widely used by women.
  • LinkedIn is used by business professionals, for more knowledge people are using Twitter as well.
  • You have to channelize your content with the social media platform. Do experiments with a social  media channel. Once you find out best works for you and stick with it.

Understand online marketing

  • Content marketing should be tied up with other aspects of online marketing including social media and conversation rate optimization.  
  • You will know about your CRO to build strong communication with the audience and will help to make a better craft. 
  • Social media skills could help you promote your content to the targeted audience. Along with you have to update with daily basics.
  • Listen to your audience comments from the social media platform and communicate with them in a good way so you can understand better what is missing in your contents.
  • There are lots of online marketing aspects that you must be able to understand and least know the basics terms of each platform. It will help to know what kind of content you can write.

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 Content Calendar

  • Don’t underestimate good planning. Plans and schedule ahead of your content publishing. 
  • Mark your content calendar on a daily basis because every day is a new day. And this the time you can achieve your goal.
  • You can also move your scheduled posts when you have already finished articles. You cannot follow your calendar but you can mark on a special day to achieve your goal and write an exclusive content.

Become an effective Content marketing strategy first you have to know your stand and know your competitor. In content marketing, every day is a new day so you have to update yourself and improve your strategies when next day ahead.   

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