5 best SEO plugins for WordPress 2019

5 best SEO plugins for WordPress 2019

After building over 100+ WordPress site in the last 7 years of doing digital marketing. Today I have the list of the most amazing and the most essential plugins that will make your WordPress sites 10 times better. best SEO plugins for WordPress I can guarantee that you will install my recommended plugins. the first and the most important plugin for any website owner is a speed plugin.

best SEO plugins for WordPress

5 best SEO plugins for WordPress 2019

1 – W3 Total Cache – It’s a very popular speed plugin out there in the WordPress plugin department. So once you install it just play with the settings configure it and your website will be extremely fast. So having a speed plugin is a mandatory requirement. If I must tell you the faster your website the better SEO for your website. The faster your website is more traffic you will be able to drive because people will be happy with your website and google also prefer a fast loading website so I highly recommend a speed plugin.W3 Total Cache

Just a side note, whenever you are installing a speed plugin and whenever you are enabling the options such as minify, the Html, minify the JAVA Script and combine CSS whenever you are enabling any option just make sure you open your site because sometimes what happens is that website behave abnormally to certain settings. So just make sure you enable setting one by one and then see the response of your website if everything is loading fine then it is working perfectly.

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2 – UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin – The next extremely important plugin every WordPress website owner should have is a backup plugin and the plugin I use for creating a backup of my website is UpdraftPlus.This is a free plugin again, it has a pro version but even its basic free version is more than enough. So you don’t have to worry about backup but just for precaution I also take manual backups using this updraft plus plugin.UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

It is one the most popular plugin one it comes to backup as It is a very popular plugin and so many WordPress website are using it and it has so many amazing features the best part is that you can schedule your backup and you don’t have to do it manually and you can store your backups from Google drive.

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3 – wp smush plugin – I highly recommend you must have a backup plugin.Just like I told you earlier that the website speed matters a lot and one other plugin that helps you speed up the website is the WP Smush Plugin which was earlier called WP Smush it’s not Smush Image Compression and Optimization. it does whenever you are uploading an image to your webpage you are adding size to your webpage. the more images your page will have the slower it will load and you don’t want a slow loading page because you want your visitors to be happy.

wp smush plugin

Because people are impatient now they don’t want to wait for 5 to 10 seconds for a webpage to load they will press the back button. So you want your webpage to load as fast as possible and one such way to do it by compressing the images and this is where Smush Image Compression and Optimization plugin comes into play what it will do is will automatically compress the images.

So let us say if your images of size 100kb so by using this particular plugin it will reduce the size of your image by 30 to 70% without impacting much in the quality of the image. So, just like in this article I have so many images out there so just by using the WP SmushPlugin I can save the size of all these images and hence my webpage will be loading at a much faster rate.

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4 – Yoast SEO Plugin – It is one of the most popular SEO plugins out there and I use it myself the best feature is that free you don’t have to buy it, and the features are tremendous so whenever you are adding an article, let say ill just show you one of my article here and income report here and so whenever you want to add the meta title all you have to do is, once the plugin is installed you can add your meta title, you can add your meta description. you also have other options like whether you want to add the facebook title whether you want to allow search engines to index the page or not, whether you want the search engine to follow the links on your post or not, so all these functionalities given by Yoast SEO plugin its free to use and its one of the best plugin out there.Yoast SEO Plugin

I think I don’t need to explain this plugin more because already its very popular out there and as for the features ill recommend that you turn off the readability analysis of this plugin , go to Yoast SEO plugin here – go to the general settings, disable the readability analysis because I have seen that its not that effective so I don’t use it and also it provides the XML sitemap so you don’t have to install any other plugin to generate the sitemap.This again helps you in saving one more plugin.

you just enable the sitemap and you can also submit the sitemap to google webmaster just using the plugin itself similarly you can go to search appearances of this plugin setting, here you can play with the settings which type of content you want to get indexed and which type of content you don’t want to get indexed, like I am using thrive plugin so I don’t want them to get indexed, I only want my post and pages to get indexed. Similarly when we talk about taxonomies I don’t want my categories pages to be indexed because that a good SEO practice to not get your categories or tags pages indexed because that a good practice to not index your tags and categories pages because that leads to duplicate content similarly I have also disabled the author archives that again results in induplicate content, so you can play with the settings here. So Yoast SEO is a highly recommended plugin and a must-have plugin for every WordPress website owner.

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5 – Limit Login Attempts Reloaded – The next useful plugin that I will recommend is the LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS RELOADED PLUGINso whats this does is it makes your website more secure because generally all the website owner have their WordPress dashboard in this particular URL that is your website name slash wp-admin,so what LIMIT LOGIN ATTEMPTS does is, so whenever someone enters the username and password wrong for three to four times, its just blocks the IP so they won’t able to log in, because, in the end, your website is in online real estate your investing your time, your energy, your hard work, your money onto your website. So you want to keep it safe from hackers. So this plugin will help you with that. I will also highly recommend you guys to install this particular plugin for your website security.Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

you of plugins that install on your website and activated the slower your website will become, and you want a faster website so try to keep the plugins to minimum to bare necessities the plugins that are extremely vital for your website only keep them in the active state and rest either I‘ll recommend you to uninstall all the plugins that are not necessary or not directly adding value to your website.


5 best SEO plugins for WordPress 2019 – I have told you through this post and hope that you would have liked the post, I also hope that you will read all our posts too, so if you like all our posts then you comment us So that we can do more Improvement in our Writing Skill.

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