Best 5 tips to get free traffic from Quora

Best 5 tips to get free traffic from Quora

Best 5 tips to get free traffic from Quora – Hello friends Today, we will talk to you about Quora. Learn more about how Quora can bring good traffic to your website. Before this article, we had told you how to bring traffic from Pinterest. And by moving this series forward, we will talk about how to bring Traffic to Quora from our website.

Best 5 tips to get free traffic from Quora

When we come to the field of Blogging, we only think about how to bring traffic to our website. And how to rank your website. If you think so, then this article is for you. In which we will tell you about Quora today. And also show you how you can bring Traffic to your website with the help of Quora. So if you do not know about Quora then first we talk about what is Quora? And how it can bring traffic to your website.

Best 5 tips to get free traffic from Quora

What is Quora

So many of you have never heard of Quora ever since. And if you do not listen then it is not a matter. Today we will tell you what Quora is. So let us know that Quora is an online forum website. Where any person can ask questions related to their problem. And any person can answer that question too. To answer questions in Quora, you need to create an account on Quora. For which you can create your account with the help of Facebook or Gmail. After which you can answer any question. And if you also want to make any questions you can.

Now it is a matter of what happened to Quora. Now let’s talk about how to get Traffic from Quora to your website. For this you will be giving some important tips. With whom you can bring good traffic to your website So while not taking too much time, we talk about those tips.

5 Best tips to get from quota

1 Setup Profile on Quora

To bring traffic to Quora, first of all, it is important that you create your own profile. Include your correct correct information. In your profile, you have your photo, your name, email, your bio, in which you have to write something about yourself. Also, in this you also link to your website. So whatever goes on your profile, it can also go from there to your blog. With this, share your profession in your profile. So that people can know about you.

2 Best Topic

To bring traffic to Quora from your website, first of all, it is important to choose the right topic. Always select the topic that is related to the niche of your website. And select the topic that you have more information about.

3 Answer the Questions

Now after choosing Topic, answer it. Your answer should be Attractive. So that people can enjoy reading. Do not forget to give a link to your blog below by writing a little Discription in the answer. Write a few lines in the last and give a link to your blog. This allows more visitors to your website.

4 Do not promote your self

When you answer a question, that answer should be of High Quality. In which the reader should not feel that you are promoting yourself. And your answer should also be Genuine.

5 Answer Maximum Questions

To get traffic from Quora, you can try to answer more and more questions. And stay active with your Quora account. This will increase visitors. And your website will also get good traffic.So friends in this article we talked about how to get free traffic from Quora In which we told you about 5 tips for bringing traffic from Quora.

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