Top 7 Amazing Free SEO Tools

amazing free SEO tools

Top 7 amazing free SEO tools – It was very easy to post your rank on Google 15 years ago. You had to put a keyword on your post frequently and your website was ranked for that keyword. But now the situation has changed completely. Competition in the market has increased so much that if you start blogging now, it can be very difficult to survive.

amazing free SEO tools

If you are looking forward to this competition without amazing free SEO tools, then it is like going to the battlefield without weapons. Search Engine Optimization Tools not only save you time, but you also know about the right SEO with the help of these.

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Top 7 amazing free SEO tools

Let’s know about some of the best free SEO tools because without this blogging is extremely difficult today. With these tools, you can boost your website ranking.

Google Search Console

  • After creating any website you have to submit his XML sitemap in search console. To do this you must first sign in to Google Webmaster. After going here you will have to click on the Google Search Console.
  • After this, you have to go to the crawl section and choose the option of sitemaps. Now you can generate a sitemap with the help of any WordPress plugin.
  • After generating a Sitemap, you will find the URL of your XML sitemap. You can put this URL in the submit URL section.
  • After doing all these steps, Google will now automatically crawl your website from time to time and if you have entered any new post, it will also index it.
  • Indexing is very important for any website, so that if your site is not indexed on the search engine then search results will not be displayed.

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Yoast SEO

  • If you are looking for a plugin to generate a sitemap above, Yoast SEO can also help you with it.
  • Yoast plugin on the page is no less than an Atomic weapon for SEO.
  • It tells you how to write SEO friendly article and also know your post’s SEO score. Also, with its help, you can improve readability too.
  • With this help, you can also set the focus keyword and know how many times you have used that keyword in your post and what its density is.


  • If you want, this tool will help you know which keyword your website is ranking for. Here you can also find out about backlinks related to your website.
  • With this help, you can also learn about your website’s Alexa rank. Its most remarkable thing is that it also suggests keyword ideas and also creates an SEO Content Template for you.
  • In addition, it also helps to know about your competitors’ backlinks.
  • If you are trying to run advertisements on AdWords or want to know the keywords of a keyword, then you can use Semrush.

Google PageSpeed Insights

  • In today’s time, it has become clear that the website loading speed is also the ranking factor. The faster your website load will be, the more chances its rank will be.
  • If you want to know the speed of your website, then you can get help with Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.
  • If your page is low, you can improve your Google ranking by increasing it.


  • This tool deep crawls your website and removes all of its information and displays it to you.
  • It also gives information about all the H1 tags used in your page and posts. Also, if there is a broken link on your site then you can also know it with its help.
  • In addition, it also tells you that the meta tag we use is helpful for other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Ahrefs Backlink Checker

  • If you want to know where your rivals have made their backlinks by creating backlinks, then there is hardly any tool good to know from Ahrefs.
  • It is one of the most expensive SEO tools on the Internet, with a one-month subscription costing between $ 90-100.

Google Trends

  • With this help, you can know which corner of the world is trending and you can find trending topics and keywords even according to your niche.
  • You don’t give any charges for this. From here on, you can write your blogs and at the same time, you can also find out which months is the most trending trend on the Internet.
  • Even if you post the report here, there are chances that your website may rank on good keywords.

Whether you are a new blogger or old, you have to face a change over time. In today’s time, without the use of these tools, the rank of your website is very difficult.

If you are new then many of these tools might not be able to buy you, but there are many alternatives available on the internet which are free.

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